FAS helps customer to avoid product scrap during usage Quick Response / Strong Resource Integration Ability

Over 15 year experiences in CNC industry , we have a strong ability of resource integration , which can fully to meet the different needs of customers.
Like the PUMP PART project we won in year 2019. At early Jan. Year 2019, we just got an order for some parts used in a pump project, there are almost twenty type but only 16sets.
It’s not easy to produce, the difficulties lies in:
1.Quantity is only 16sets but there are twenty designs.
2.Material is hard to purchase in China Market.

Quantity is not such big problem, it only need to adjust machines frequently and cost much.
The hardest part is the material.
At first, customer requires H59 material, for new project, we asked to prepare one set of sample prior to production to customer for testing.
After sample finished, it was sent to customer together with a series of inspection documents.
Customer tested and found that it’s easy to broke when they used H59 material in their project. It’s a pity that sample did not pass the test, but it’s luck that we supplied FAS.
After assessment, customer change the material to C903. But this kind of material is not common in Chinese market and it needs to customize, but the quantity is too small to customize.
Then, we immediately hold a meeting with our production manager and chief engineers. Integrating the resources we hold, and finally solved the material problem.
We conducted a material analysis for customer after the material finished. The result is exactly what the customer expected. So that the order could be arranged smoothly.
Customer are highly appreciated on all we service, more and more projects had been placed to us.
A quick respond, Strong resource integration ability- that’s what PRE can provide to our customer!

Post time: Mar-25-2020