Professional Suggestion Helping Customers Reduce Costs

PRE are committed to helping customers reduce costs.

We have a client in the electronic communications equipment industry, named DK. They required a 6061 aluminum part by CNC Machining.
After checked the drawing and confirmed product usage and usage environment with customer, we know it is a wireless device housing.
Considering the product’s structure and quantity, we suggest using die casting process to help customer to reduce the cost. But please note that Alu6061 is not suitable for die casting, so we suggest replacing the material with ADC12. Material changes will not affect the products.
At the same time, we provide some pictures of our similar products for their reference. Customer accepted our suggestions.
Finally, DK was satisfied that we have saved around 50% of the cost for him, and project still goes well with new process and new materials.

Post time: Mar-25-2020