Professional Team Help Customer to Solve Design Problem Timely

On the day before National Day (September 30, 2019), we received a high-quality inquiry from a US customer. The content of the inquiry is very detailed, and the quantity is 100,000 per month. In the early stage of the project, our engineers found that there was a design problem with the customer’s drawings, it could not demould from the mold during plastic injection.
We immediately give feedback to customers and put forward suggestions for modification.

Each point to be modified is represented by note 1, 2, 3. As shown in the following figure.

But the customer feedback that some parts could not be modified and were separated from the use function of the product.
In order to solve the demould problem and keep the function for customer, our team hold a video conference with customer to discuss the current problems.
After the video conference, our engineer modified the design together with customer, keeping the function of the product and at the same time making the whole project feasible;
After 4 times of drawing modification, the customer finally confirmed to place an order for us after Christmas.
With professional engineers and 24hours -stand-by sales, PRE team help customer to shorten the design time and move on project quickly.

Post time: Mar-25-2020